5 Fakten, die Sie über Joseph Joestar wissen möchten – JJBA

Joseph Joestar, the second fundamental protagonist in JoJo’s Weird Journey, was in a position to swiftly rise to the highest of the franchise because of his stint because the star of Half II: Battle Tendency. Joseph helped JoJo’s Weird Journey reestablish itself after Phantom Blood by being humorous, self-centered, and naughty. Joseph has a detailed connection to the franchise’s origins. That’ll naturally contribute to the recognition of any character, however it unquestionably helps that Joseph is a compelling determine in and of himself. He is a mysterious character regardless of showing in three elements.

5 Facts You You Wanna Know About Joseph Joestar - JJBA
5 Fakten, die Sie über Joseph Joestar wissen möchten – JJBA

1. Joseph Joestar is the primary JoJo who appeared in multiple half

Though Jonathan Joestar might have began the sequence, Joseph is the JoJo who in the end laid the groundwork for subsequent heroes. He not solely takes up Jonathan’s place as the first character immediately, however he additionally manages to play an essential a part of the plot in three consecutive elements: Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders, and Diamond is Unbreakable.
He’s the most important character of Half II and one of many key characters of Half III, though having a really minor half in Half IV. With appearances in every main arc from Half III till the conclusion of Half VI, solely Jotaro can compete with Joseph.

2. He’s the one JoJo combating all three main threats

5 Facts You You Wanna Know About Joseph Joestar - JJBA
5 Fakten, die Sie über Joseph Joestar wissen möchten – JJBA

Joseph Joestar has fought towards every of the three fundamental enemies that make up JoJo’s Weird Journey: vampires, pillar males, and stand customers. He faces out towards Straizo the vampire originally of Battle Tendency, 4 Pillar Males for the rest of Half II, and lots of Stand Customers for everything of Half III.
Jotaro by no means had the chance to come across any Pillar Males as he battles a vampire and Stand Customers. Joseph is the one important determine to really have interaction in fight with a Pillar Man. Solely Caesar and Lisa Lisa, each minor roles, are the opposite two people that have interaction in fight with Pillar Males.

3. He’s nonetheless alive by Stone Ocean

The creator of the sequence, Hirohiko Araki, went out of his approach to verify followers know that Joseph did not perish away after the occasions of Diamond is Unbreakable regardless of not showing in both Vento Aureo or Stone Ocean. It simply makes pure that he would in the end go away given his reminiscence loss and superior age.
In no way, although. By the point Stone Ocean ends, Joseph could have reached the age of 91. Though Joseph might have lived to a ripe previous age, it is unlikely that he survived Made in Heaven’s acceleration in a single piece. After all, Half 6 does not precisely finish properly for the Joestars.

4. The one character who can use hamon & a stand

Provided that he was established because the protagonist earlier than Stands had been developed as an idea, Joseph is a very intriguing character. He was however essential sufficient to have an element to play when Stands had been in the end included into the sequence. Consequently, he turns into the one determine within the sequence who’s able to utilizing each a Stand and a Hamon. It is true that the Stardust Crusaders’ deal with Stands signifies that his Hamon does not quantity to a lot all through Half III, however it’s an enchanting facet of Joseph that retains the present true to its beginnings.

5. DIO may have been defeated by Joseph beneath regular circumstances

5 Facts You You Wanna Know About Joseph Joestar - JJBA
5 Fakten, die Sie über Joseph Joestar wissen möchten – JJBA

In Stardust Crusaders’ final fight, DIO finally ends up murdering Joseph very quickly, which is actually the one attainable end result. Joseph would realistically prevail over DIO in a straight-up duel. Joseph is not only shrewd sufficient on his personal, however he’s additionally by far probably the most highly effective Hamon consumer in the entire franchise.

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