The Revengeful Male Anime Characters: Why You Still Like Them

Because they’re always entertaining to watch, superpower-centered storylines featuring characters are a common theme in anime. There is a character out there for everyone that represents the righteous, vengeful man paradigm, regardless of whether you prefer action-packed anime or stories with a more somber tone. Continue reading to discover more about these intriguing people and how you might draw inspiration from them for your own life.

1. Lelouch Character – Code Geass Anime

A brilliant prince who overthrew his father’s tyranny and liberated the world. In a parallel Japanese reality, he assumes the role of the enigmatic Zero and guides the self-measured Japanese warriors to victory. Lelouch completed all of this while attending high school, taking care of his disabled sister Nunnally, and participating in the student government.

The character C.C. grants him the ability, and he utilizes it for the noble goals of avenging his father, overthrowing the Britannia empire, and destroying those who possess the Geass power but endanger the planet.

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Despite his excellent intentions, he has destroyed numerous innocent lives with his calculations and plots. Lelouch, on the other hand, resists emotional influence and progressively views that sacrifice as a necessary stepping stone toward the greater good.

This character is perhaps the one who gives spectators the most conflicted feelings. Lelouch is frequently portrayed as being so cold and ruthless to the point of fright that people can feel the anger fueling his need for retribution blazing hot within him.

Lelouch’s actions, meanwhile, are all done to create a perfect world for his adored sister, which is a goal stronger than his need for retribution.

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2. Kurapika Character – Hunter X Hunter Anime

Kurapika, the final surviving member of the Kurta clan, appeared in Hunter X Hunter. The Phantom Troupe, led by Chrollo Lucilfer, murdered him along with all of his relatives and clan because they thought he had unusually red eyes. Kurapika spent his youth searching for the eyes of his clan mates and exacting retribution on those who had slaughtered his people.

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Due to his burning desire for vengeance, Kurapika made risky partnerships with his enemies in an effort to strengthen his position and vanquish them. He even took a quick break from Gon’s side to continue on his own.

3. Caesar Character – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Caesar A. Zeppeli was a master at employing ripples. He generally regarded Joseph Joestar as inferior because of his subpar skills. Caesar was highly driven to fight the Pillar Men after they murdered his best friend, Mark.

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Caesar was a righteous man who grew to appreciate Joseph’s talents and values, but his rage toward the Pillar Men overcame him. Caesar gave his life in the fight against the Pillar Men in order to defend Joseph and avenge his comrade.

4. Thorfinn Have A Big Love For His Father – Vinland Saga Anime

Thorfinn is the primary character of the Vinland Saga, and viewers are eagerly awaiting the second season. Thorfinn had great respect for and looked up to his father, Thors. Despite being told not to, Thorfinn went on an adventure with his father. While on this expedition, Thorfinn saw the death of his father.

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Thors’ passing had a lasting impact on Thorfinn’s life. He changed from a good-natured, innocent, and friendly young boy into a cold-blooded Viking who was fixated on killing his father’s killer with his own hands.

5. Roy Character – Fullmetal Alchemist Anime

Roy Mustang was a protagonist of the Ishval war in Fullmetal Alchemist. Roy, a State Alchemist and officer in the Amestrian State Military, worked quickly to develop clandestine plans to overthrow and replace the Führer. Both inside and outside of the military, Maes Hughes was Roy’s closest friend.

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But when Hughes was discovered dead, the killer’s identity was a mystery. Roy committed his entire being to finding Hughes’ killer and exacting retribution. Roy made every effort to reveal the institution’s wrongdoing after becoming overcome by the urge for vengeance.

All of the characters experience pain, yet they all have a strong will and a way of living. To assist your preferred character, you can purchase more goods. We are pleased to provide a variety of high-quality Tokyo Ghoul products.


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