Demon Slayer E01S01 – Tanjiro Arc

Cruelty (残酷 “Zankoku”) is the primary episode of the anime adaptation of the manga Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) THE BEGINNING OF DEMON SLAYER (KIMETSU NO YAIBA) That is the Taisho interval. Tanjiro Kamado leads a modest however comfortable life within the mountains together with his household. At some point, whereas coming back from promoting charcoal on the town, […]

5 Mysteries About Tokyo Ghoul You Should Know

Tokyo Ghoul was one of the top anime that defined the horror genre in the anime industry for the past decade. The manga debuted in 2013 in Shonen’s Young Jump and was soon adapted into an anime series consisting of 12 episodes. A consecutive second season was followed along with another anime series titled “Tokyo […]

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Dr. Stone: 5 Arrogant Characters (& 5 Humble Ones)

In this new stone world, some people stay humble while others form grand plans to change the world. They might even be conceited about it. Dr. Stone is an isekai anime series with a strange curve almost immediately: the whole human race went to stone when an environmentally friendly power energy wave cleared the Earth, […]

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The Truth Behind Juice WRLD’s Death

The Truth Behind Juice WRLD’s Death Incredibly, it has been almost two years since the sudden death of American genius rapper and singer Juice WRLD. When he heard the news of his death, music lovers all over the world were shocked. Here is what we know about the death of Juice WRLD. Follow us for […]

What Items Are Now Trending In Berserk T-shirts?

What Items Are Now Trending In Berserk T-shirts? Berserk is perhaps the most notable manga and anime series on the planet. This series has provoked the curiosity of perusers of any age because of its fascinating and astonishing material and extraordinary characters. You will not have any desire to pass up the accompanying merchandise in […]

Solo Leveling: What Makes the Power-Scaling Webtoon So Enthralling

While the webtoon might seem basic, Solo Levelling is a popular manhwa for a very good reason. Solo Leveling has collected expanding acknowledgment since it initially started and, with an anime transformation set to show up the following year, the series’ prevalence is verifiable. With the unimaginably nonexclusive reason of a saint that develops further […]

[Top 10] One Punch Man Best Fights Worth Watching Again

(Saitama, Boros, and Genos ready to fight) Was up, individual shonen fans!! Your well disposed of neighborhood shounen man here again with another anime list only for you. So we have been investigating the intricate details of the One Punch Man universe. We’ve seen what this show has to bring to the table. From clever […]

Top Awesome Facts About Bulma You Don’t Wanna Miss Out.

Top Awesome Facts About Bulma You Don’t Wanna Miss Out. “Flying through space and protecting the galaxy does sound like a good time. But when you’re married to Vegeta and mom to a boy like Trunks, you don’t look back. I’m perfectly content with how my life is unfolded.” – Bulma Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball is perhaps […]

9 Facts About Katsuki Bakugo

On the main belief systems of the manga of our well-known creator of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi. He envisioned our hero, Kacchan, as being benevolent and delicate, and when he offended others, it was consistently unintentional. The unique draft was believed to be excessively exhausting, thus they changed his character so he could be […]

Top Facts about Hisoka Morow

Tracker x Hunter is a jungle gym for odd characters, and one of them is Hisoka Morow. In the blog underneath, we will specify the top five intriguing realities about Hisoka that fans frequently pass up. Hisoka Morow “My great pleasure comes when such people crumple to their knees and I look down upon their […]

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