Mikasa Ackerman’s Positive Qualities in the Attack on Titan Anime

Although Mikasa Ackerman is the anime’s strongest female character and the main antagonist of Attack on Titan, she still has her faults. The best aspects of Mikasa Ackerman will be discussed in this blog post, beginning with her origin story and focusing on some of her most memorable anime moments. Here are several reasons Mikasa Ackerman ranks among Attack on Titan’s top characters.

1. Constantly Putting Justice And The Truth Before Her Own Interests, Mikasa
When planning out its conflict, Attack on Titan is a unique anime because it stresses realism over sentiment. Naruto and Black Clover are two anime programs that make an effort to inspire hope in their viewers. Hajime Isayama, on the other hand, is constantly thinking of ways to dash his supporters’ hopes.

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There is still Mikasa Ackerman, despite all the misery that permeates the pages of Isayama’s well-regarded comic series. Fans needed Mikasa when all hope seemed lost because he is a stoic light of justice and hope. She may not be All Might, but in a show like an Attack on Titan anime, she is the closest thing viewers will get.

2. The Hizuru’s Queen Is Mikasa
When Mikasa Ackerman finally meets the Azumabito family patriarch in anime season 4, it is one of her happiest moments. Mikasa learns during this encounter that her forefathers were members of the aristocratic Hizuru family who settled on Paradis alongside Eldian King Fritz.

Because of this information, Mikasa is now the only legitimate heir to the Hizuru throne. Despite the fact that this may not have much bearing on AoT’s story, it is comforting to know that Mikasa is a physical and figurative queen.

3. Mikasa Will Always Tell the Truth
The candor of Mikasa is amusing and admirable. She speaks over Eren in the first episode to inform Carla and Grisha about their son’s future ambitions. Eren would prefer to keep his ideas a secret, but Mikasa makes them public so that the truth can be heard.

Mikasa decides to tell the truth despite her devotion to Eren. In the future, Mikasa will be able to remain true to herself even as the groups she was a part of in the past deteriorate.

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4. Because Of Her Past, Mikasa Has Empathy For Oppressed People.
Mikasa understands what it’s like to suffer under oppression because she is a descendant of both the Hizuru and the Ackerman clans. She is an outcast among outcasts because the royal Eldian dynasty that rules over the Island of Paradis hunted out her forefathers.

Due to her past, Mikasa was able to maintain an open mind when approached by marginalized individuals like Onyankopon and Kiyomi Azumabito. Mikasa is a strong and dependable ally since she can relate to all the characters.

5. Levi And Mikasa Both Inherited The Same Stoic Personality
Because of her Ackerman ancestry, Mikasa is a tremendous powerhouse on the battlefield. Mikasa maintains his strength both physically and intellectually, even when confronted by the power of an Intelligent Titan.

The mental component of Mikasa’s power comes from her stoic outlook on life. At the end of the series, no amount of suffering is able to impair her sense of justice. Even losing Eren is merely a minor setback for her to get beyond.

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The information provided above is a brief summary of Mikasa’s appearance in the Attack on Titan anime. This is biased information, and we’ll be back with more breaking news soon at here.

One more thing: Anime Everything will be a helpful resource for you to fill in the gaps about anime if you want to read and follow anime continually.


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